has some red laurel leaves

Has always been very strange, osmanthus flowers, here has been blooming in the autumn, is flowering is a deeply shallow, off and on. In the initial flowering flower is not so thick, color is not so deep, spied also light some silicone vegetable steamer . Floret grain making shy astringent to hide among the green leaves, not punch. Is often far first smelling the light fragrance, can an Epiphany: oh! Osmanthus opened!

Do not know when, when are you going to forget it, inadvertently at a glance, you are surprised with trees dressed in gold or silver, completely lost to the qing 臒. Seems to be overnight, osmanthus fat crowded then. Then if still good, almost a bit far, peeled whereas full-bodied fragrance International Move , almost to pull you in. Whenever the drunk didn’t know the feeling of return comes, I know, late autumn is near. And QingJian thoughts, such as the late autumn of osmanthus flowers, light also increasingly lich colors. And all this are off guard, steep the inevitable lovesickness.

Again one of these days, in imperceptible in, osmanthus by ones and twos open again, simply open in your ignore DR-Max Limited , autumn has been with you go all the way. Occasionally, in early winter WuLan heavy brume,