because of loneliness


Crop seedling classroom tree on the throat, I see those two big black Niao Cong motor-boat skimmed before the chimney.

I asked the students which is? They answered and said to me:

“Magpie which is not in our school?”

Grain crop seedlings in classroom art coffins on the third floor, there are several tall residential towers around the cafe especially pears and casuarina, hidden in lush foliage honey very duo Niao auk, which a few magpie is also the main crop of the above DR-Max electronic English.

For several years, which one were laid ba our campus as the home of za f. In addition to the crop high trees whistle screaming paces, rainy days when the throat, Hui often see them in pairs into Dui crop spread track of descriptive grass stem walk. Good big black Niao, set with white wings Bian, walk stubble on scuffling, distance, unexpectedly is a bit of a rubber duck.

For one minute, the school want to rethink the campus, what kind of SanShe years of casuarina equisetifolia and especially curry pear crop axe. The janitor crop MeiYi to cut down on the trunk of the tree are chalk marks. With crop of campus, I entered rubber Barbara fairy tale of ali, found MeiYi beautiful tree were painted in the mark, the in the mind emperor urgent, head to one question is graduation dinner:

“Ba these trees were cut down, let the magpies like stubble away?”

Fortunately, the plan does not sign the implementation, we finally agree that to keep ba these trees as far as possible. Therefore, chi throat when the building art coffin, all the trees along the Qiang of left heart carefully, after three layer buildings cover, we can and all the birds Niao one Fen enjoy what picket tree on the sun and the rain.

Tree on the throat, magpie continuously spread your wings and fly xuan outside the chimney, chimney in the exchange between teachers and students of the Hui heart smile. Original finch Niao to ball is not high, as long as we are willing to leave a few trees, as long as we don’t give they like without a stomach upset, beautiful birds Niao Hui set his mind at to stay down, stay Bian crop of our body.

And you? You are the ocean?

“One tree”

Like the train, like this one even touched ManMan south or north, like stubble in the middle of my journey.

Only because, stubble in the middle of the journey, I can not receive start or finish, not concerning let ah fang and let ah, crop this separate kerry, I only Confucianism is concerning me za himself is enough you find.

All the obligations and should bear the responsibility of all this to compete for or leg let things, all lead stumbles on earth are the ends of the chi iron Gui isolation, and I, I am no one’s inclinations of crop of carriage of the ball. Crop which kerry, I only have to do is only one, what can be done just sit quietly crop chimney Bian, exchange and the third watch the scenery outside the chimney.

Chimney outside scenery crop transformation, mountains and rizhao-heze GuJinYan, I see, what ChengLin crop tree Cong MeiYi tree grows double thin double long, in order to fight for the sun, they use one cut euphemism fang method to grow. Through this vast nation field, stubble in the middle of the field, I also saw one lonely tree,