into the heart into the yard

Autumn, spring of faded buckish, went to the summer moving restlessly, settle is an autumn ShuiChangTian of feelings. Passing wind, run out of water, leaving only one regiment long-so large hankage. Spring and the autumn passed HKUE ENG ; the flowers bloom, the four seasons samsara, to have a quiet indifferent heart, in this quiet akisato, can still be like Dan maple, blossom into a tree leaves.

Like nature, like all kinds of trees and flowers. No matter which season, as long as a walk into the bosom of nature, a happy heart, like the wings of the bird. Grass without her instinctive quality, natural go vulture act the role ofing, never disguise yourself, very beautiful flowers, green ink dye, colorful. Everything is so natural, like nature itself HKUE amec , and remained silent in the flowers, silent into big beauty.

Spring to see the willow green, the autumn wind and chrysanthemum yellow. The journey of life, always encounter a another oft, different stages have different, different season, there will be a different flowers. This is a poetic world, please use a gentle heart to treat.

Like such a leaves of autumn HKUE amec , elegant, have become, bright and beautiful, peaceful, stable, low convergence. Walk on the road, it is on the safety chrysanthemum yellow, golden tender, in the cool autumn wind, like low eyebrow demure woman, served in full bloom. The bright colors of the hot color, give a lonely clear autumn, added a few minutes enchanting and charming. “Until the autumn to September 8, after my flowers flowers kill”, chrysanthemum of pride, elegant, refined, how an enviable.

You see, the patches of green lush canna, vivid picture of blossoming smile, red red, yellow jiao, “YiShi beauty ChunShui, purple lip cui sleeve dance dongfeng.” Of holding the red yellow silk like a dancer, in the evening twilight, playing to the swan song of life is the most beautiful.

Snowflakes are fading away

Dry and cold chill has hit, baked in the warm room temperature suffocating, leaving the sad winter.

Look at the sanitation workers day and night work HKUE ENG , just as anxious city to have a smooth operation, anxious to escape from the foot of the crowd seems unbearable, but I do not know the depths of the city, how can with the day to be fair. Slippery let the vehicle become more cautious, his feet crunching snow under the streetlight, snowflakes extraordinarily romantic, but this is less romantic beauty to share, will not find back the vision in the dream. This is the night before the sadness aside today become memories of insomnia.

The social network is still illusory, still anxious, the economy is still weak, we still go forward, do not know where is the end HKUE amec , where is the end, perhaps the end of life at the moment is the end, affection is a blood of life, will be accompanied by a lifetime, we cannot let LED life drift, the feelings of the blood will not abate because the other side of the leave, only slowly into the depths of the soul, you are in it, you still not in it.

This hate hypocritical and hate the hypocrisy of the world, should use positive energy to enhance the will, at least for life is a lost arm. This night, lonely and cold night, dream of tomorrow to look forward to HKUE amec , look forward to the future of the transformation. At least I was still happy, because I love Heilongjiang so much snow, love too snowy scene, Beijing little snow, finally returned to his hometown, the brilliant continuation of night time, also left alone sad.

At this time, a cup of tea, point a cigarette, the fragrant winter let my heart be calm. Maybe a few friends together, drink a few glasses of wine, singing love songs, and still can not friends in the wine can not, singing out, leaving himself in the greenhouse quietly sad, hot bath to wash away the day’s impetuous, watch a movie, let the heart of silence is the best choice. The books on the shelves have been falling on a thin layer of dust in the first half of this year, review time, I let them in the heart can accompany me

seek for the body in East

memory of the soul is a fearful thing; every sin, every sinful
thought it can bring back, and we may well ask how we are to
give account of “every Veda Salonidle word” that may have been whispered
in the heart or uttered with the lips. The spirit of the
watchman therefore understood very well the language of the
inhabitants of the moon. They were disputing about our earth,
and doubted whether it could be inhabited. The atmosphere,
they asserted, must be too dense for any inhabitants of the
moon to exist there. They maintained that the moon alone was
inhabited, and was really the heavenly body in which the old
world people lived. They likewise talked politics.

But now we will descend to East Street, and see what
happened to the watchman’s body. He sat lifeless on the steps.
His staff had falreenex cpslen out of his hand, and his eyes stared at
the moon, about which his honest soul was wandering.

“What is it o’clock, watchman?” inquired a passenger. But
there was no answer from the watchman.

The man then pulled his nose gently, which caused him to
lose his balance. The body fell forward, and lay at full
length on the ground as one dead.

All his comrades were very much frightened, for he seemed
quite dead; still they allowed him to remain after they had
given notice of what had happened; and at dawn the body was
carried to the hospital. We might imagine it to be no jesting
matter if the soul of the manVeda Salon should chance to return to him,
for most probably it would Street
without being able to find it. We might fancy the soul
inquiring of the police, or at the address office, or among
the missing parcels, and then at length finding it at the
hospital. But we may comfort ourselves by the certainty that
the soul, when acting upon its own impulses, is wiser than we
are; it is the body that makes it stupid.

As we have said, the watchman’s body had been taken to the
hospital, and here it was placed in a room to be washed.
Naturally, the first thing done here was to take off the
goloshes, upon which the soul was instantly obliged to return,
and it took the direct road to the body at once, and in a few
seconds the man’s life returned to him. He declared, when he
quite recovered himself, that this had been the most dreadful
night he had ever passed; not for a hundred pounds would he go
through such feelings again. However, it was all over now.