Snowflakes are fading away

Dry and cold chill has hit, baked in the warm room temperature suffocating, leaving the sad winter.

Look at the sanitation workers day and night work HKUE ENG , just as anxious city to have a smooth operation, anxious to escape from the foot of the crowd seems unbearable, but I do not know the depths of the city, how can with the day to be fair. Slippery let the vehicle become more cautious, his feet crunching snow under the streetlight, snowflakes extraordinarily romantic, but this is less romantic beauty to share, will not find back the vision in the dream. This is the night before the sadness aside today become memories of insomnia.

The social network is still illusory, still anxious, the economy is still weak, we still go forward, do not know where is the end HKUE amec , where is the end, perhaps the end of life at the moment is the end, affection is a blood of life, will be accompanied by a lifetime, we cannot let LED life drift, the feelings of the blood will not abate because the other side of the leave, only slowly into the depths of the soul, you are in it, you still not in it.

This hate hypocritical and hate the hypocrisy of the world, should use positive energy to enhance the will, at least for life is a lost arm. This night, lonely and cold night, dream of tomorrow to look forward to HKUE amec , look forward to the future of the transformation. At least I was still happy, because I love Heilongjiang so much snow, love too snowy scene, Beijing little snow, finally returned to his hometown, the brilliant continuation of night time, also left alone sad.

At this time, a cup of tea, point a cigarette, the fragrant winter let my heart be calm. Maybe a few friends together, drink a few glasses of wine, singing love songs, and still can not friends in the wine can not, singing out, leaving himself in the greenhouse quietly sad, hot bath to wash away the day’s impetuous, watch a movie, let the heart of silence is the best choice. The books on the shelves have been falling on a thin layer of dust in the first half of this year, review time, I let them in the heart can accompany me