one Three Words

Words from the li ling. Li ling word ShaoQing, han ethnic group, west gansu chengji.this JingNing south of gansu, (today), the western han dynasty general guang-zhi li sun. In the history of Chinese culture, li ling is a destined with tragedy even in one of the characters, the first great sima qian to get involved in this field, in the song dynasty, gold knife to the male Yang jiye are also said to touch dead before his tablet nuskin.

In the summer of this year, the emperor sent his bestowed favor Mrs Li’s brother, two general guang-li li led the troops against the huns, the other factions li ling will follow guang-li li escort the trench. Li ling step leading jailer five thousand people out of bamboo, making a deepened kuaijishan, and candid. The huns in the siege of eighty thousand knights li ling. After eight days and nights fighting, li ling slay one more than the huns, but because he can not get the main body of backup, the result out of ammunition, unfortunately captured, then surrender.

Li Lingbing after news of the defeat to changan, we hope that he can die, emperor wudi after heard that he was cast down, angry, sense motive, full chao wenwu official patronage, a few days ago also praised li ling’s heroic, but then go along with the emperor, accused the SINS of li ling. The emperor asked seeks to sima qian’s view, comfort, emperor wudi SiMaQianYi aspects one secretary, also hate those who have it both ways, trying to justify li ling. He thinks that li ling filial piety mother, at ordinary times to friends about faith, to humble comity, good faith, the soldiers often ferociously for the anxious state of nasty, have catch wind model. Sima qian hate those who only know save himself and his family’s secretary, they now see li ling in adverse, just one taste of tragedy, exaggerate their charges. Sima qian to emperor ChengYan: li ling only five thousand infantry, led by the huns, alone, killing many of the enemy, set the credit. In the case of reinforcements not, ammunition, desperate, still to kill. Is the ancient name. Li ling himself caught in a failure, though he kill the huns, would be enough to prominent in the world. He was not die, but surrendered the huns, certainly is want to find a suitable chance to repay the han nuskin.

Sima qian’s comments, if as a official historian, the gain and loss of power military commanders merits and evaluation, it should be said that is in place and objective. But it is in the town, is collapsed, and evaluation of a has surrendered to the enemy so far, the climate were not allowed to fair and objective, but must with a strong emotional color and national outrage. And, from his failure due to the reason, failed in her obligations to the general guang-li li seems to be the second division. His outspoken infuriated the emperor, the emperor thought he was in defending li ling, irony, penetrating, defeat in guang-li li, then ordered the sima qian into prison nuskin.